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B.Sc.IT Distance Education In Amritsar


It stands for Bachelor of Science (Information Technology). As we all know, demand for IT professionals is growing with each passing year. So there are a plethora of job opportunities available for aspirants who want to work in this field. The B.Sc ( IT) Course enables students with desired skills set to prove a great asset for IT companies. The course of B.Sc IT is designed such that Students will learn about the concepts of information technology and management of information in organizations by understanding systems concepts, communications and information technologies. After successfully completing this course students will be able to demonstrate logical and analytical thinking abilities in the field of IT. They will be able to identify information technology related problems, analyze them and design the system or provide the solution for the problem. There are a plethora of career opportunities available for students after pursuing a B.Sc IT distance education course. Join Now

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Programme Duration

Min. Duration 3 Years
Max. Duration 6 Years

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