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MA Distance Education In Amritsar


The full form of MA is Master of Arts. MA is a postgraduate course which is pursued after graduation. Students have to choose specialization in MA like MA in English, Mathematics, Hindi, Punjabi,etc. As per the course structure and opted subject, he or she can continue with their post graduation degree. The objective of post graduation is to take the student’s education beyond the four walls of university. Basically it fulfills the modus operandi responsibility of providing education to the top notch. Once they complete the entire course, they become highly skilled in particular subject. The duration can be varied from 2 to 4 years. Various career opportunities available after MA for students such as Anchors, Public Relation Officer, Lecturer, Proof Reader, etc

 Masters of Art in:

  • Economics (3423-S)
  • Mathematics (442A-S)
  • English (4427-S)
  • History (442B-S)
  • Sociology (442C-S)
  • Political Science (442D-S)
  • Hindi (442G-S)
  • Education (6421-S)
  • Psychology (442k-S)
  • Punjabi (4429-S)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

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